Hello, my name is Darren Esler. I am the creator, writer, editor, and the real person behind Zeke Delfour and a lot of the characters you hear on the podcast. I hope you enjoy the show and don’t take offense at any of the jokes. It’s all in fun.


48 years old – Currently live in NW Pennsylvania with wife and child. I was raised closer to Pittsburgh from age 5 to 18. I lived in Columbus Ohio from 1988 to 2000 where I got my start in stand-up and Improv comedy.

I was trained by the talented members of Midwest Comedy Tool & Die (MCTD) in Improv for their in-town group called MCSquared, got the opportunity to tour with the “big boys” a few times across the Mid-West. A group of us young and stupid actors split off to form our own group called The Slipshod Theatre Company where we performed in Columbus and other Mid-Western cities.

During this time I was part of several local “ACTV” public access shows produced and directed by Ernest Cline (he’s in the news now, look him up) including 5 episodes of a Sci-Fi show about slackers in space fighting over who had to do the dishes called – Rattletrap Gaslacktica.

We taped several other comedy shows but this was a good 10-15 years before YouTube became a thing and the barrier to producing your own shows was MUCH higher than it is today. Now you need… a phone. (also, get off my lawn!)

I was also a co-host on a Radio Trivia / Comedy Sketch show called “The Informants” which aired on WCBE in Columbus Ohio at the ripe old hour of 7:30 AM on Sundays. We DID get the best ratings for that time slot but generally the “getting up at 6 AM on Sunday and doing a show for no money” got old so we stopped.

I am on IMDB. Twice. (I haven’t contacted them to combine the two) One as a writer for Second City for 3 episodes even though I contributed to many more (apparently there is some byzantine criteria to get credit on IMDB) and one as an Actor in a movie called “Goodnight Cleveland” which had a budget of about $5,000 and actually was premiered at a festival so it exists.


I’ve been doing weird voices and “radio shows” since I was around 4 years old when I was able to play with an old reel to reel recorder my parents had laying around. Later, in my early teens, my best friend and I would make dumb comedy shows using random sound effects from whatever was in the room at the time on a cassette recorder. I always enjoyed it.

The bottom line answer is: I think it’s funny and I want to do it. If it turns into something I can do full time and support my family, even better. (we are a looong way from that right now)

I quickly realized that I needed George Pete Caleodis and Matt McDonald to make this show much much better than I could do by myself. I will add information about them when I get what they would want me to add on here.

Why Bigfoot? I used to read everything I could about Bigfoot when I was growing up and once spent a night BY MYSELF in a Winnebago while watching The Legend of Boggy Creek when I was around 13 so I understand the terror of thinking something is in the woods watching and waiting.


Like most other things in life, I don’t discount the possibility. I really doubt it but if a real one was captured or killed and verified by science I wouldn’t be completely surprised either. I do find it very amusing the way whatever supernatural or cryptid “investigator” is investigating is the cause of literally everything going on. Watch a ghost hunters type of show and no matter what happens offscreen, it’s probably a ghost. Watch a bigfoot hunting type of show, no matter what happens offscreen, it’s probably a bigfoot. It just amuses me. One thing I know for certain is that humans can convince themselves that anything is real if the conditions and thoughts are set a certain way. I’ve done it. I think most people who are convinced they saw a bigfoot are being honest when they say that. I just don’t think they actually saw what they are convinced they saw. Our brains can’t really be trusted.


1) Just keep doing the show – Guest actors will be coming on which will be great. I know a lot of talented and funny people and Columbus in particular has a huge pool of talented actors that I hope to be able to “shine a light on”.

2) Publish low-cost e-book companions to the podcast starting with the illustrated “Hunker Down Guide” you hear me mention.

3) Design more T-shirt / designs that could go on products in our TeePublic store.

Send me an email if you have any questions! Thank you for listening / reading.

Darren Esler


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