We are VERY lucky to have some great guest stars on our show. Their talent and the seriousness in which they play the parts in our silly little world we are creating always impresses me.

Seriously. Why are they doing our little fake Bigfoot Make-em-ups show? So grateful!

I’m not sure where to start so I’m going in order of appearance:

George Pete Caleodis – Plays Vlad the Werewolf in Episode 2 who then… (spoiler alert) becomes Vlad the Vampire – Co-host extraordinaire! Was a guest star. The first guest star. I then tricked him into being the co-host. (score one for me!) @caleodis on twitter

Joe Teeters – Played Rod Standing in Episode 3. @JoeTeeters – Can be seen at various improv venues in Columbus Ohio. Particularly at the Nest Theatre in “Storyteller”. http://nesttheatre.com/shows/storyteller/ Also is a big part of this organization that you should explore and donate money to: http://www.crohnscolitisfoundation.org/

Hanna Wortkoetter – Played Alexis Dumas in Episode 4(and came up with the excellent creature idea for The Chalupacabra)

Phil Porter : Played both AMP Johnson and The Pittsburgh Gollum in Episode 5, Played “Gordy the Wendigo” in Episode 9 – Phil is a 30 year veteran of the Columbus, Ohio improv community. He currently performs in a two man act, Reginald, with Chris Heiberger and mentors young improvisers in Columbus. He is our Tony Randall.

Charlie Weirauch played Timmy Pillows in Episode 7 He is an actor, known for The Newsroom (2012), Reno 911! (2003) and Bella and the Bulldogs (2015). Here is his IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0918641/

Jeff Gage – Played Professor Preston Chase in Episode 8 – Jeff is an actor/ improv instructor at The Columbus Funny Bone Comedy Club / founder and host of The Improv Wars in Columbus

Dino Tripodis Dino played the Deadly TRIPOdis in Episode 10, Dino is a multi tiered threat. A Stand-up legend, a successful morning DJ, an actor, a host of an excellent podcast of his own: Whiskey Business